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Jessica Daley is a speaker, writer, media producer and voice over actor. As a writer of over 15 years, she first dabbled in the world of radio when she began her broadcasting career at Dr. James Dobson’s Family Institute in 2019. Working in the broadcast department, Jessica helped facilitate Dr. Dobson’s nationally syndicated radio show, Family Talk.


Feeling as though she had uncovered her life-calling, Jessica fully submerged herself into her job and was quickly promoted from an assistant to a producer. As a producer, her job became her passion, which launched very career quickly. More opportunities came her way as those around Jessica saw her obvious potential and began asking her to voice commercials and to give her creative insight on various scripts. 


Although her media career has only just begun, there's no shortage of gusto in her stride. Jessica has already written dozens of scripts, including co-writing the script for an indie feature film about the trials of single-motherhood. She's the announcer of The Autumn Miles Show, and the voice of many commercials across national radio. 


Melding her rich life experiences, her passion for healing, and her uncontainable creativity, Jessica has a compelling way of connecting with diverse audiences and drawing them in. Whether behind the mic or in front of the screen, she intuitively seems to know exactly what each project needs in order to come to life. 

"Alexa Hill's vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine

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